by | May 14, 2008

what am I doing up at 7am one may wonder… well I’m off to the states again today and still have so much to do between now and when I leave!

Eek – I think I should go start packing 😉 I still don’t know what I want to bring… there have been suggestions that a big empty bag would work cause you know – there are plenty of shops in New York! But knowing Mistress Wynter I’ll be so busy playing I won’t get a chance to shop at all!

I’ve been busy this last week – lots of great sessions, I still find it hard to believe that I get to indulge my passions for a profession. I keep hoping I won’t wake up and have to go to work – I mean some parts of my days as a PR consultant were really fun, I loved the creative side, giving presentations, devising strategies, wearing beautiful suits 😉 but the everyday grind was pretty dull and really I ran out of caring about who got what coverage in the Tuesday Australian…

So I’m so happy not to be getting up at seven as a matter of course and going to some North Sydney office – especially not in winter!

And thinking of gratitude – much as I dislike flying I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to travel – to have the time, the money and the friends in far places to make it such a great experience… Just not so keen on the actual bit with the plane – but you get that!

Anyway – must go pack – I have cute new make up and toiletry bags to put my stuff in… so that’s got to make it easier 😉