by | May 17, 2008

Hello from sunny California!

it’s so beautiful and warm here at the moment – though I know not everyone likes the heat as much as I do… yesterday was 37 degrees – but a very dry heat so one’s not sweaty – which let me say is a very welcome change from the cold weather at home. I really do not love the cold at all. It’s nice getting to wear my favourite summer dresses again (including the really cute halter neck one from the Leona Edminston sale).

Today was also nice and warm – though I think it was a more manageable 31 or so – but still super warm and beautiful. I had friends drive me down to Santa Cruz and I went to the boardwalk for roller coaster goodness – very fun!

Sadly my stomach was made of fail on the drive down via Highway One and even after applying Dramamine on the way home again it was still being touchy – sigh – though on the plus side it did mean I didn’t indulge in the weird sort of food products one finds at these sorts of place 😉

Relaxing planned the next few days – though I have lots planned for New York – happiness… Mistress Wynter and I always have so much fun when we’re together 🙂