I want a bagel… but not just any bagel

by | Jun 11, 2008

I’ve been having a good time since I got back – quite a few fun sessions – including my older domestic discipline couple who came to see me again late last week. I loved watching her wield the strap! It was very obvious that she is *very* experienced, she certainly left some lovely red marks on his bottom… happily I’d already pre-warmed it for her with a prolonged over the knee spanking!

Oh – which remind me of some travelers tales – I asked Mistress Wynter if it would be okay if I bought a straight backed chair for her dungeon… as a disciplinarian it’s such an important piece of equipment but not always something that everyone has. Ms Wynter has a fantastic bondage chair, bench with cage underneath and padded kneeler, all sorts of good things – but no plain straight back chair! She prefers giving spanking sitting on the bench with the naughty boy stretched across her legs that way… but I’m a traditionalist!

So I walked up to 34th street to Kmart to hunt around for an appropriate chair then carried it back under my arm several blocks back to the dungeon. It was pretty hilarious – if you’ve ever seen me walking around I’m a fairly fast and determined walker – and don’t have problems navigating a crowd. Now imagine that with a chair under my arm down a busy New York street! Hilarious…

But the chair was well used for the week I was there mostly for otk spankings but also for some nice bondage – and hopefully Mistress Wynter won’t find it too annoying 🙂

I was very busy with sessions while I was there – both doubles with Mistress Wynter and by myself – This is a review on Max Fisch written by dave m – he also sent me some photos of his well caned bottom I may have to put up later 😉

I’ve got several lovely thank you emails as well from people I played with – this copied with permission of the writer…


There is only one way to describe our last session: I like it good! Man,
my nipples hurt for three days after that most wonderful session. You
pushed all the right buttons on that day, especially with that excellent
hood. It is very easy to just melt into head space when you are
directing a scene. I am thankful for your skills and willingness to
travel many miles to deliver the goods to the Big Apple.

You looked stunning in that outfit, which works nicely for you. Although
I am not one to concentrate on attire, I really did like that outfit,
(at least for the limited time I had my sight).

Thank you for fitting me into your busy schedule. I look forward to your
future visit to NY.

Warm regards and thanks,

So many fun subs in New York – every time I head over I meet someone new… so there’s always a good reason to go back! Well apart from the bagels from Murray’s Bagels – with the super yummy dried tomato cream cheese spread… argh – now I’m craving it. Perhaps I’ll have to head over to Bondi to see if there’s anything comparable at one of the Jewish delis over there – but I’m not holding my breath.

New York is of course fantastic for shopping 😉 though I was actually reasonably restrained… I only bought one little Marc Jacobs skirt and a knit top at Century 21 😉 and I bought a beautiful heavy leather flogger and a flipcat from Purple Passion – oh and a Hitachi Magic Wand (I already have a step down transformer to use it with). I was looking for more electrical gadgets as they usually have a good range – but there wasn’t anything along those lines that caught my eye – though I did buy a book on electro that looks to have a heap of idea. I’ll have to pass it along to mistress-jadis as I know just how much she loves electro!

I already wrote about glove heaven (swoon) – but I also stopped into DeMask on my last day and snapped up an amazing one-off gown. I wore it on Saturday night to Inquisition – so I’ll have to post some photos when they turn up online… hmm – maybe I’ll just email the photographer 😉