by | Jul 15, 2008

How nice is the sunshine! I’d be happier with a few more degrees of actual *warm* – but hey – sun is a good thing…

I’ve had some fantastic sessions recently – which isn’t so much of a surprise – cause you know – it sux to be me! hehehehe

This morning was hilarious – I was the leader of a strict Xtian sect (aka cult) who was chastising an errant disciple who’d tried to escape. Of course he had to be spanked and paddled on the bare bottom! Very fun 😀

Yesterday I had a New Zealand sub come in – he’s seen me a few times when he’s in Sydney, and the last couple of visits has brought me some very nice bottles of red wine (cause he knows I love it) – last time I teased him saying he should bring me something from New Zealand (cause it was all aussie shiraz)… well I certainly didn’t expect the amazing gift I got!  (excuse happy snaps from my phone)


It’s solid jade! Cold and heavy and beautiful…

Officially I believe it’s called a Mere… here is wikipedia entry

A mere (pronounced like “merry”) is a traditional weapon of the Māori of New Zealand.

Made of a heavy hardwood or a stone, such as jade , it is a short club about 30 cm (12 inches) in length. It has two almost flat sides and a rounded, sharpened top. A mere pounamu is one of “greenstone” (jade) – these were symbols of chieftainship and passed down as valuable heirlooms. Traditionally individual mere are named, and each is said to possess a mana of its own.

Certainly it’s a paddle fit for a Queen!