All Better!

by | Jul 2, 2008

Thank goodness…

as people on my f-list know I’ve been sick in bed for a while – ergh.

I went to the doctor yesterday and after much listening to my lungs and peering* into my eyes she pronounced me all better! So yay – no need for any more horrible anti-biotics.

I’ve changed my voicemail on my phone too – so I don’t sound all pathetic and miserable 😉

Today was good – it was nice to get out in the sunshine for a bit… I was looking forward to a couple intro session, but they had to cancel – which happens of course – so I went shopping instead 😉

Checked out the Christian Louboutin’s at David Jones – but they didn’t really have anything that caught my eye – unlike
which are on Net-a-Porter as a fall preview… le sigh

Really all I needed was some mascara – I’m trying a different one from Mac and also picked up their prep+prime pre-mascara product… I have no mascara brand loyalty – well apart from my overall two party system 😉

* edited – now that was a hilarious typo!