by | Jul 8, 2008

So Kung Fu camp was great – as always we worked really hard between eating half our body weight in snacks! I was really happy learning a new weapon 🙂 sword! Which let me say is very different from when I was fencing 😉 though a weapon kata is a different sort of exercise.

The weather was beautiful, I’m very grateful… It was great training part of the time outside with the beautiful water veiws – very spoilt!

I’m not too sore today – though I did just spend a considerable amount of time punching adam4cbt in the balls so training tonight might be a bit of a strain… Oh well. I’ve been conducting research into which sort of strike is more effective for ball busting, and it really seems that punches are more severe than kicks, knees and elbows. Particularly back fist strikes.

More reasearch of course will need to be conducted 😉

This morning was a “naughty boy” I’ve been playing with for many years, an age play session, which is always good… In this case he roleplays a boy in early high school (obviously he’s really a mature adult) who’s forced into nappies and to use a potty as a punishment. Ageplay is something I very much enjoy. Particularly school scenarios, though I am very picky about the sort of roleplay I do – some things really don’t interest me quite so much.

In other news the dungeon is looking fantastic! Huge thanks to my team… And I’m really appreciating the warm, I loathe the cold…

Drags self off dungeon couch… Sifu always says just make your feet start walking to training… Even when you really don’t feel like it.