by | Aug 5, 2008

So – long time no post!

Originally it was because I was really busy with some fabulous sessions – but for the last few days it’s because I’ve been sick in bed *again*!


A nasty head cold and cough – though I’m feeling quite a bit better today thank goodness – will be answering the phone again tomorrow I’d say 😉

I’m also heading off to see a naturopath tomorrow – I feel like I’ve been getting sick a lot more than I usually would this last year. I was sick with bronchitis around the end of June so it’s way too soon to be sniffling again! A month of wellness really isn’t enough. Anyway I’d much rather have weird food and potions to pills so we’ll see… and to be honest – antibiotics don’t seem to help people all that much – just help breed super bugs!

Oh – and I twisted my ankle on Saturday too – which meant I missed out on competing at (another) Martial Arts tournament that weekend, though really with the sniffles it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway…

So I’ve spent the last couple of days lying around in bed with my laptop – I *should* be using this time constructively to work on my website copy – but noooo – I’ve been cruising lingerie online instead. Cause nothing cheers a girl up like new pretties! I’m sooooo fussy with lingerie that it can be a bit of a curse – especially since my previous favourite brand Pleasure State stopped using silk satin and started using POLYESTER satin – which really makes me cranky, because they certainly haven’t dropped the price to go with the new cheap and nasty fabrics. However I’ve ordered something from Kiss Me Deadly – from a UK online supplier – they don’t charge for delivery so that’s an excellent thing! I’ve been impressed with their helpfulness with sizing questions – so I shall wait and see if everything arrives promptly.