by | Aug 12, 2008

Things I do not understand… handbag vs saddle

Okay – as far as I know there isn’t an Australian saddler who also makes handbags so this isn’t really a perfect example – but still – it gives one an idea.

A quality Aussie handbag – Oroton – between $300 – $500
A quality Aussie saddle – Peter Horobin – between $2000 – $4000

An Hermes handbag – between $4700 and $31,130 (according to a small selection in this months Harpers)
An Hermes saddle – between $6000 and $7000

How crazy is that! Though admittedly it’s the crocs that are so expensive – but even so – a “regular” bag is still more expensive than a saddle! I guess that’s where supply and demand come in – but it really makes an Hermes saddle look like good value – if you happened to want a saddle of course…