by | Aug 26, 2008

oh dear – I just answered the phone and yelled at the man on the other end…

“What on earth are you doing ringing me at quarter to one in the morning!”

It was pretty funny – he spent some time going “sorry, sorry” and sounding a tiny bit confused.

Usually I have my phone on silent by this time of night – but at the moment – ha – I decided to answer.

Hilariously he compounded the error by calling me “darl” – ah, no “I’m a dominatrix – you don’t call me that… Mistress is appropriate – not darl”.

oh dear

Usually I’m very understanding and diplomatic on the phone – either that or I don’t answer…. but really what was he thinking!

Ah – all is forgiven… he just sent me a text message apologising 😀

and so my perspective that most people who contact me are really nice people is vindicated. So many Mistresses complain about the wankers and time wasters – not sure why but I really don’t get many of those… most of the people who call me are very polite and nice. If perhaps not fully aware of what time it is!