well I’ve heard of red eye….

by | Aug 17, 2008

But this is a little strange! Maybe she’s a devil dog?

Chloe is my little lap-dog or at least that’s what she tends to think… apologies for horrible mopho picture – she doesn’t really have strange glowing blue eyes – but she is very snuggly.

I had a great day today… I went to the markets and bought organic ingredients for nommy soup (which I made tonight for dinner), an organic chocolate and beetroot muffin, an interesting looking book, a really cute wheels and doll baby dress from a second hand stall and a little pendant with alice on it…

Then I had sessions!

First was a new sub looking for severe trampling and barefooted discipline (oh no – don’t make me kick someone around the dungeon and then stand on them – hehe)

Then I had my lovely older couple in for discipline…

Tomorrow – Very Extended session! I’m looking forward to it 😀