by | Sep 9, 2008

I had such a great session on Sunday – it was ten hours of nearly all heavy bondage. I did plaster mummification at the beginning – this time with him sitting up on a little stool I have (The Naughty Stool) – it’s such an intense experience… and rather messy! I certainly wasn’t wearing anything very glamorous at the time! Hmm – I think there’s still a bit of plaster splash on the South Floor – I’d best go clean it up! After that we did a whole of other fabulous bondage, lots up on the South Floor which I’m loving at the moment – though I haven’t really decided where everything will live. I love the long bench – you can really get a great stretch on it – and the strategically placed holes mean I can tied dangly bits to the bars! Of course the St Andrews cross is a standard – but holds pride of place secured to the wall, I really think it was lost at the old dungeon…

We also did some very intense rubber restriction as well. I put him in a catsuit with gloves and hood – then he spent some time totally restricted in the vac-bed. I killed another vacuum cleaner! Though luckily I had a stand-by 😉

What else – lots of hoods and gags – I was loving my inflatable latex “butterfly” gag – once it’s in place and inflated it’s almost impossible to spit out – yum. Especially with a rubber hood over the top, a blindfold and then of course lots of rope head bondage over the top of that!

Which is of course the thing with an extended session – it’s a chance to really explore bondage (in this instance) in a way which you don’t get in two or even three hours… being left in each position for a long period of time really intensifies the experience. Yum!

The sub brought his camera and I took a fair few photographs so hopefull I’ll get to share them here soon 😀 I’m always happy to take pics for people in session. If it’s a double with mistress_jadis you’ll probably get ones with me (or her) in them as well!

Which reminds me – I had some photos from a session a week or so ago emailed to me the other day! It’s me teasing someone encased tightly in my latex vac-bed – hehehe too fun!