some thoughts…

by | Sep 24, 2008

on erotic humiliation and new subs…

I’ve had a few new people coming to see me recently – which is often very fun – finding out just what makes a new (to me) submissive tick and using his own desires against him 😉

I also have to make sure that they *really* want to see me – because I’m a bit specific in terms of the things that I’m into – even though they’re quite wide ranging. One example was a young man who was particularly interested in face-sitting which isn’t an activity I specialise in so I recommended he contact Salon Kittys if that was an integral part of the experience… however he specifically wanted to see me – so we ended up playing.

Which was Very Fun – because after we’d spent some time chatting I understood that the experience he craved was more about erotic humiliation and feeling controlled rather than any specific activity – being led around Carisbrook on a nose leash certainly induced some very humble emotions – as did the humbler!

I had a new dog slave also – who did a very good job of entertaining me playing fetch with a variety of different things… I’m more of a “naturalistic” dog trainer – hehehe – anyone remember Barbara Woodhouse saying “walkies!” This reminds me of a fabulous dog training session I did year and years ago when I was still at SK – I brought my newly trained dog to show Mistress Serena so she could help decide if he was going to be a show quality stud dog or just a mangy mongrel off to the vet to be “fixed” 😉

A recent discussion I was involved in online was about people being offended at a play party seeing someone eat out of a dog bowl on the floor… the participant was surprised considering the more “extreme” activities going on at the same time – my thoughts were that to some it’s light and fun D/s play – but in many ways humiliation, especially public humiliation can be very intense…

And of course very personal – what to some is just erotic fun is to others all about the humiliation – and understanding the difference in motivation for craving the activity between one sub and another is important.

Golden showers of course are a perfect example – of what’s just erotic fun for one, and disgusting humiliation (in a good way) for another… and very fun for these sorts of session. Goddess bless my lovely rubber floor that means I can make as much mess as I like! That’s one of the things I really miss when I’m playing in other people’s dungeons when I travel… you can’t just squelch around the same way my slaves can at home!