by | Sep 6, 2008

I had my grading today… and passed – thank goodness!

It was my green belt – which now means that I’m officially a senior student… in my style we spend ages with no belt, then brown, yellow, blue, green… then green with one stripe, two stripes, three stripes and finally (eventually) black.

The grading was over two and a half hours, and we went through standing basics in shoulder width stance, horse stance, cat stance, dragon stance; moving basics; kata; several rounds of sparring; weapon; bag work; sparring concepts – blocking; and lots of kicking… It’s Hard Work – especially as you move up the grades and more things are introduced.

Annoyingly I slipped on the tiles in the kitchen this morning and landed hard on my hip – which then started hurting quite a bit during the kicks – but it was okay – maybe an extra B- instead of a B+ but I certainly didn’t fail and I was very happy with my performance overall…

So yay!

Green belt now!