by | Oct 3, 2008

How warm is it!

I know a lot of people probably hate it – but I love the warm… though I must say the aircon in the dungeon can be very welcome – particularly when I’m wearing rubber!

Lots of fun sessions recently – always a good thing 🙂 Quite a few people have been coming in to play with mistress_jadis and myself… a good range of things too from lighter, fun sessions to a couple that have been a lot heavier and more intense. It’s always good I think as a Domme to have a mix of different sorts of play – as MsJ was saying in her lj. Its been good seeing how she’s changed over the last few months – we haven’t had quite as many doubles as she’s been doing sessions on her own for ages now so we haven’t played together as much…

So yay for doubles 😉

and couples!

I had a great time with a really nice couple the other day – who came in for my “Introduction to BDSM for couples” – this is different to a couple session – as it’s focussed on teaching rather than playing… It’s an exciting but non-threatening environment… I’m generally in civilian clothes 😉 and go through different areas of BDSM as requested. It’s a good bargain actually 😉 $150 which is around an hour of teaching time and then an hour of unsupervised play time for them in the dungeon to “consolidate” what they learned or whatever.

I think I’ll rework that section on my website – because I love teaching and there are lots of areas I think couples would enjoy exploring in a more intimate environment than going to a public class (even though those can be really fun too). But still – actually getting to try things yourself is usually a better way to learn. I know I’m someone who needs to do things myself so they stick in my head properly 😉