by | Oct 8, 2008

so tired!

Mistress Jadis and I have been *very* busy with subs who are clamoring to take advantage of the last of the discount doubles before I leave for the US on Saturday! I don’t think we can really squeeze any more naughty boys in before I fly out!

But I will of course be back in a couple of weeks – I never leave everyone for too long – they complain too much! Though that statement doesn’t apply to my lovely New York subs – but then they got me back earlier than expected… so maybe asking nicely works 😉

In other news it was MY BIRTHDAY on Monday – yay me! I should do a proper post of gloating, because I’ve been very spoiled so far… but it’s not over yet! I’ve decided I’m having a *Birthday Progress* which I think involves a lot of cupcakes and spankings (for other people of course!) and possibly glasses of good red wine – so my birthday isn’t officially over until I land back in Sydney somewhere near the end of the month (I’ve forgotten the actual date – not paying enough attention obviously).

Anyway – I’m very blessed and grateful – and trying hard not to gloat too much 😉

Off to bed – I have a little snack and have a busy day (again) tomorrow!