by | Oct 30, 2008

So jet lag is pretty much gone – I don’t really get it that much, I just wake up earlier than I usually do for a few days and am a little more sleepy in the evening…

Anyway – here are a couple of random thoughts and another review!

One – If you have to fly domestically in the US I have to recommend Jet Blue – you have to book on-line, my trusty travel agent couldn’t help me… but they’re so much better than the other airlines I’ve flown (United and American) SO much better! The planes are clean and new and nice, the cabin crew are friendly, and they don’t charge for snacks – though I’d still advise taking something if you’re flying coast-to-coast because a packet of chips or a cookie isn’t really a meal. Still – much better than the horrible snack-boxes I’ve ignored previously.

Oh – and the new Jet Blue terminal at JFK is great – just like a proper one! Cute shops – including an outpost of Muji which I loved in Japan!

Two – why are books so overpriced here? Even with the horrible aussie dollar they’re still much cheaper in the US! I bought a heap of books which let me say add considerably to the weight of your bags! Including the new Neil Gaiman “The Graveyard Book” which is fabulous (as you would expect)…

And the Review on Max Fisch “A Thrashing from Down Under” which said such extravagent nice things that it made me blush 😉

in other news – fairly boring day yesterday… I had to call the NRMA to start my car because the battery had gone flat while I was away. I went to the physio about my right shoulder which has been playing up for a few months now – I had to “out” myself to her about my work! I first saw her about 18 years ago when I was at University – so that was pretty funny… she’s pretty blase about it really – and I’m glad to be getting it treated.

Back again to see her tomorrow morning so that’s a good thing…. I may as well get some value from all the money I give HCF!