by | Oct 11, 2008

So I think my love of Qantas is starting to run out…

Plane is delayed so I am back home again – now not delayed the two or three hours which are easily filled with make-up shopping and a glass of wine in the qantas club – but SEVEN hours!!! Grrr – so I came home again.

Pfft – at least I can have a little nap now – I didn’t get much sleep last night because I spent 6 hours hanging around Canterbury Hospital waiting for timling to have xrays and stuff…

anyways – here are some photos from a recent leather fetish session – I may as well post some pics while I’m bored at home. 😉

This one is hilarious – you can see the dungeon armageddon behind me 😉 it always *starts* neat and tidy!

edited to add this hilarious video! bwahahahahaha