by | Oct 28, 2008

Well I flew back into Sydney this morning – on time thank goodness! Flight was okay – you know, a long distance flight in economy… I must say though that since Qantas put on more direct flights to SF they’ve been a lot less crowded – that plus the fact I think I’m just used to flying these days means I did get quite a bit of sleep.

Travels were great – I was crazy busy when I was in NYC – lots of doubles with the ever-fabulous Mistress Wynter including this one Dave M wrote about over on Irene Boss’s new message boards. He was such a sweetie picking me up from the airport – so much nicer than hunting down a cab 🙂 and is always so fun to play with.

I was laughing with a few people that I don’t have a New York tourist experience, just a New York Domme experience! I’ve never made it to the Empire State Building – just loads of sessions with an occasional shopping dash to pick up some special little thing! Oh – and late night feasts, I have to say I miss the ability to jump online after a session late at night and order something tasty delivered in a few minutes… or rug up and walk to the 24 hour diner round the corner! Or something a little more upscale like Red Cat omg I love the tempura green beans there soooooo much! nomnomnom

This time I visited Purple Passion of course – and picked up a fabulous leather hood and some very enticing new nipple clamps… it’s hilarious wandering around there checking everything out with Hilton showing me cool things – I keep saying “I have one of those” – haha – you know you’re getting jaded with toy shopping when that happens!

My only other shopping experience was a pilgrimage to the Christian Louboutain store (the Horatio one – cause there are *two* in NYC)… swoons…. I managed to only buy one pair of shoes – but my god they are the sexiest shoes ever in the entire history of the world! Dies of shoegasm…. Mistress Wynter caught me fondling them and accused me of being a dirty fetish pervert! Who me?

I’ll have to take some photos of them so everyone can see what I mean. (not of me fondling the shoes! Of me wearing them!) I made the very foolish mistake of converting the currency – eek! I don’t even want to think about it…. who’s been doing bad things to the dollar I ask! Please – can we have it up again? Last time I went to the states about four months ago we were in the high nineties – now it’s low sixties! Cries – good thing I kept my credit card firmly in my wallet…

More travellers tales to follow 😉 I’m off to check out all the hard work my team has been putting in on the renovations while I was away!