by | Nov 3, 2008

I do so dearly love Carisbrook… So much space, so many different ways to play. I’m always reminded when I come home from travelling just how much I love my own dungeon. Even though Ms Wynter’s place is fabulous – it’s just not mine…

Fantastic session yesterday where I spent all my time up on the South Floor. Such a fantastic space, I’ve fallen in love again with the low bench – it’s perfect for mummification.Which reminds me, I must get some more plaster bandages cause that’s fun 🙂 I finally learned my lesson about cheap clingwrap though! I always used to think there was no point buying the expensive stuff when it wasn’t being used to keep snacks happy… But after stealing some Gladwrap from home for a session I realised that it’s a million times less annoying.

Anyway – just some random thoughts from the crackberry while I’m waiting for physio appt.