by | Nov 9, 2008

Weekend has been a bit blah really – my team are painting and doing mysterious bloke things in Carisbrook so no play for me 🙁

Plus I’m on detox again (long overdue I must say) so going out loses a little of it’s appeal when all I can have is a big glass of water! Though I am heading out to see a show tonight so that should be fun. Maybe I should do some of the chores around my house…

Anyway – that little whine over I have a heap of fun on Friday night with someone I’ve been seeing for – ooh it must be at least 7 or 8 years, I started seeing him originally when I was still at Salon Kittys… I think he may well have been the first person I suspended!

Anyway – it’s a very fun session – four hours of restrictive bondage, fetish indulgence and other good things. We were talking about how enjoyable the lead-up time is… how he sends me a text message asking for an appointment and then starts polishing his rubber and counting down to moment when he knocks on my door.

We start focussing on leather fetish…

I was wearing “my” Ariat topboots – which I have to say are the best mix of hotness and comfort I’ve ever found – of course if you have a high heel fetish not so much 😉 but this sub certainly thinks they make me look very powerful and dominant… and comfortable!

He was wearing riding boots also – which I have to say looked fantastic – particularly when he was spread-eagled on the A-frame with opera-length bondage mitts on as well… oooh – and the fantastic new leather hood I bought at Purple Passion when I was in New York last month. I’m such a visual person – I really enjoy the spectacle of play – and being the auteur of the total experience for us both.

About halfway through the session the pace changed and he was encased totally in shiny black rubber… we moved upstairs to the South Floor and while he was hogtied on the long bench I changed into some rubber myself…

Excuse the dodgy webcam photos – ooh – if you look closely you can see the sucker mark on my shoulder from physio! She uses a cool sort of suction/electro torture machine – hehe

I was wearing shiny fetish boots with enormous heels – the boot opposite of leather riding boots really… but they certainly look right with rubber leggings.

Anyway – there was mummification, electro-play of the non-theraputic kind, and finally the last layer of rubber encasement in the vac-bed!

So that was fun.

I have to go pick up my huge crystal chandelier from the restorers this afternoon – I’m so looking forward to seeing it up on the North Floor – I think it will really change the look of the space and give it the opulence I’m after.