another meme

by | Nov 25, 2008

to clog up your friends page! This time stolen from freakysparks.

I promsie a Real Post (maybe even with pictures!) very soon….

What is the biggest fashion crime you can think of?
Crocs – closely followed by fake tan

What do you think is the difference between fashion and style?
Style is something you have, fashion is something you do (or buy).

Which is the hottest: a crisp white shirt, an unique accessory, or great shoes?
Oooh – I have several perfect French white shirts (the crazy expensive Anne Fontaine one) but then – there’s the shoes…… sigh – ditch the accessory and go for a both!

What one item encapsulates your vision for your personal style?
My watch (that I got for my birthday) – low key but luxurious… Baume & Mericer set with diamonds, but very understated with steel band and case. Oh – or my custom Natacha Marro boots! Uber high fetish glamour!

Who is your favorite designer?
ooh – I have to say Cristian Louboutin – at least for shoes 😉 But I’m also loving the new seasons Lanvin, and also RM by Roland Mouret… oh – and Balenciaga…. and and and

If money were no object, describe what kinds of clothes you would wear. Be specific: designers, cuts, fabrics, etc.

I’d have a *lot* of Louboutin’s not just two pairs 😉 and several (other) pairs of Natcha Marro boots… Mouret, Balenciaga, and lots of Alexander McQueen… OH – and I’d go grazy in Japan – Comme de Garcons and Yoshi Yamamoto… and the Belgians – Ann Demeulemeester – sigh…

I’d wear a lot of wool, linen, silk and cotton – and rayon

Do you coordinate your hair style with your outfits?
not really – I put it up often – hair is my downfall

What do you think about hats?
hahaha – I *love* them! With the love… I went through a sad phase in my sensible years where I stopped wearing them (between university to now – via businessland) but really – a hat makes every collection of stuff an outfit1

What is the most outlandish outfit you own?
laughing – well you are talking to the woman with rubber couture and 20″ custom corsets! Maybe my traditional Southern Style Kung Fu uniform…

What is your favorite fabric?
hahahahaha – rubber, silk, leather – please – no PVC or polyester satin!

What is your favorite pattern?
I’m not really a pattern person – pinstripes, tartan and polka dots are a little over – even if they are cute… probably polka dots in a light colour – I have a jigsaw dress in baby blue with white polka dots which I love

Which is hotter: impeccable style or impeccable grammar?
Without grammar the fascination is fleeting…