I achieved…

by | Nov 29, 2008

A *lot* of shopping – and a pedicure and manicure 😉

I did kidnap mistress_jadis and take her to my new favourite nail place – why fav? Because unlike any other I’ve been to they use an AUTOCLAVE – so all the tools come out of the same bags my sounds and other non-dsiposable goodies do… So much more hygenic than most nail bars let me say! I did go with the Tulipe Noir 😉 Ms J picked a pretty red from the Opi range they had.

Excuse my scruff – I’ve just come back from my Martial Arts class this morning – I’d take a photo of the bottom of my feet but that would probably scare everyone just that bit too much 😉

After pedis we went off to search for some new wigs for cross-dressing and found three fabulous new ones! I love them! One long honey blonde with lighter streaks, one long black, one shorter black with bright red streaks… I’m so looking forward to trying them out! I almost bought some slutty lingerie for my “girls” – but changed my mind cause the people weren’t very friendly so I walked…

Oooh – then it was just little indulgence for me… a Shiseido body wash from the Japanese cosmetic store at Market City – it smells like Japan to me, I can’t quite explain but is just very fresh… I wandered off to L’Occitane and bought some of my favourite foot cream and a rich moisturiser and some random things from Priceline – coconut leave-in conditioner (I’m having to be kinder to my hair cause of going to aquarobics), sunscreen and the cutest hair elastics with pink polka dot bows on them!

I’ve been trying to *not* buy myself some beautiful silk lingerie from Janet Reger – it’s a struggle… though I did indulge with a new navy silk slip – but I really did need that to replace the beautiful plum one that went missing and hasn’t turned up after almost a year of hopeful searching – cries. I’m having a bit of a wishlist crisis – because there are a few amazing things I’m lusting after in various places (Simon O latex, Janet Reger lingerie, more bits for my humiliator gag, Natacha Marro boots) and Xmas *is* coming up… and I have been very nice *and* very naughty at one and the same time! But, I’ve never been a wishlist sort of Domme.


This morning I headed off to the House of Fetish garage sale to see if there was anything I *needed* on sale… I tried a cute dress that was totally a wrong cut once it was on – it had a mysterious amount of extra fabric at the front – maybe it was really a maternity fetish dress 😉 sometimes it’s sadly obvious why things are on sale. However I did manage to aquire a Very Very cute little hat! Cause I really really need a little hat – hehehe – well this one is black and white with feathers so is totally different to all other little hats I have.

Then to training – as per usual on a saturday morning… we’re working hard at the moment because there’s a grading coming up – though I’m skipping this one because I really want to consolidate my skills at this level and not just rush through the grades – plus my shoulder injury has meant I’m not able to train as hard as I’d like these last few weeks… though happily it’s getting *much* better all the time thanks to my fabulous physio 😀 d

Speaking of kung fu I will be away on kung fu camp next weekend – so won’t be available from Friday afternoon till Monday morning.

I have a session shortly – so I shall finish my snack and go have a nice hot shower – oh and start drinking a heap of water cause it involves quite a few golden showers (yay) so it helps to be extra-hydrated!