vegan thoughts

by | Nov 13, 2008

Looking at cupcake_tattoo vegan shoes by Vivienne Westwood!

So cute… and very cheap… I’m so curious about these shoes – from – all plastic shoes – some very cool designs but I’d have to see some first to get my head around them.

In other thoughts – anyone have any good vegan recipies?

I’m doing sensible detox now – I did silly fast/cleanse thing for 4 or 5 days, but I don’t know about other people but my brain doesn’t do so well without proper food. I went to Kung Fu on Tuesday and I felt pretty spacey and a bit faint. Not really something that is advisable or safe when you’re doing sessions that require concentration!

So food is my friend 🙂

But I am detoxing – so cutting out all processed food, alcohol, caffiene, sugar, wheat, dairy etc etc – it’s really just eating loads of yummy healthy food and is a good reminder to me of all the nice things I like to cook. I can get a bit slack (like all of us really I suppose) with training and sessions and stuff – and forget to shop which leads to not having anything to cook! So thai takeaway (or pizza) it is again 😉 which is okay occasionally – but a good habit to break every few months.

Anyway – just asking if anyone has any favourite vegan recipies they can post here! Particularly with tahini because I bought some and I never have a good idea of what to do with it. I know it’s super high in calcium which is why I got it really… that and dark leafy greens are much better for your bones than dairy no matter what the milk marketing board has to say. Check out this cool website for more information.