by | Dec 28, 2008

That was fun!

I had a very enjoyable session with someone I hadn’t seen before this afternoon – three hours of goodness – full rubber enclosure, bondage, cbt, strap-on, g/s, sounds, electro, humiliation, breathplay… loads of fun things. It’s interesting playing with new people – especially when he’s got such good references (not literally but you know what I mean).

We both had a lot of fun though so that was a Very Good Thing.

Yesterday was good also a humiliation sub of mine who’s been travelling for a few months – he was soon reminded of his place. Led around by the nose and tormented with lots of spitting and g/s. My nose lead is one of those small items I wondered how I managed to live without! It’s just so very good – note – is different to the nose hook which I also have.

I’m such a gear-head when it comes to toys! There are *never* enough!

I got a couple of big boxes (and a large bottle as well) from the medical suppliers on Xmas eve – most of which was plaster bandages for an upcoming session – yay for plaster mummification! Is sooo fun – I’m really looking forward to it. Also in the box were some towel clamps – a funny little item I was introduced to by a sub in New York who had aquired some for Mistress Wynter… They’re great as super intense nipple toys – when autoclaved as they can very easily break the skin (well – mostly do). I’m looking forward to test them out on some aussie nipples!

Oh – and the bottle? Nothing very exciting – just distilled water for my autoclave 🙂 I ran a load this afternoon before my session because I was feeling in the mood to use some sounds. I actually used two different sorts Bakes (rosebud) and either Pratt or Hegar cause I always forget which one of those is the longer! The long ones anyway 😉

I hope everyone had a great Xmas! I did a lot of family stuff – which is fine, though lucky I bring food cause otherwise it would be iceberg lettuce, chocolate and mixed nuts for me! Not a whole lot of vegetarian food at a traditional xmas…

Best thing was going for a ride on Boxing Day – I really need to brush up on my horse riding skills… I’m not a terrible rider, but can be a bit nervous. But I got to ride the beautiful Stockhorse stallion – and he took very good care of me 😉

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