Decadant and Luxurious…

by | Dec 1, 2008

So I had this very virtuous plan of an alcohol free week – but then my Kiwi Cellar Slave gave me some Very Nice bottles of wine – and so I reverted to decadence 😉

and photographs!

The first shots are of what I was wearing for my super hot humiliation session this evening… It was such a great session – as was my earlier one – which was full transformation and lots of wonderful bondage…

Anyway – here are some random snaps from tonight 😉

as you can see – I’ve reverted to decadence – but Carisbrook seems to bring that out of anyone – let alone me!

Leather on the North Floor Another view
Leather on the North Floor
you can see the beautiful heels of my C’est moi Louboutins…
Another view
Bloody mary Bloody mary souls
Bloody mary
I spent far too much on these
Bloody mary souls
Here you can see the Louboutin red sole…
silly shoe lover
silly shoe lover
I *really* love my Louboutins!