Home again!

by | Dec 7, 2008

Back from my Martial Arts training camp… we went down on Friday afternoon and came back after lunch today.

It was a good camp – lots of hard work (as expected!) I’m nicely sore – hehe – usually it’s my slaves who are sore! Though mine’s just muscle ache from working hard not from being beaten 😛

We did lots of different things this camp – lots of work on pressure point strikes and the way in which pressure points apply in our kata. A lot of the things that can look a bit random in kung fu forms at first really come to life when you learn more about the ways different meridians work. It’s a bit esoteric in some ways, and not something that you’d want to depend on in a self-defence situation… but is super interesting and something I’d like to learn more about at some point.

Lots of weapons training also – we’ve started learning a new straight sword form which is very traditional. My sifu actually gave me one she brought back from China (she was at the world Wushu games) for my birthday. Laughing – I think she wants me to learn this form because it involves a lot of standing on one leg with a sword looking elegant… I may not be a super talented Martial Artist but I am good at standing on one leg 😉

I’ve been super happy with the way my shoulder has held up to training this weekend. I’ve been having regular physio and been a lot more careful with it and it’s finally feeling almost all better! So yay for that 😀