Made of WIN!

by | Dec 22, 2008

So I’ve been playing with my new cattle prod – and as you can tell by the subject of this post I love it!

It’s so very different to the other electro units I have (TENS machine, Violet Wand, ErosTek) – a lot more zappy and less pulsy if that makes any sense 😉 it lets out a very good jolt – the sparks are quite pretty!

I tried it out on myself a couple of times – it’s more a shock than painful – giggles – though perhaps my leg isn’t as sensitive as some of the places I’ve been using it 😉 It’s so very fun – I think that the fear and awe factor is a lot higher with a cattle prod than other forms of electro… it’s not a gentle erotic pulse that can be ratcheted up in intensity like the ErosTek – it’s rather more basic and while not nearly as painful as the ErosTek at the highest settings, it’s just so much more “shocking”.

I shall look forward to exploring the posibilities further 😀

other fabulous things I’ve been enjoying far too much lately have been playing dress-ups with the new wigs I bought for my “girls” recently… I love how different a masculine face is once it’s softened with long, shiny hair.

Oh – and over-the-knee spanking!

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