by | Jan 5, 2009

Hope everyone’s 09 is going well so far!

Mine is EXCELLENT – hehe – I’ve already had some really great sessions this year – a big highlight was an extended (I think we did about 11 hours – but the timing’s not exact on these sorts of sessions) one a couple of days ago.

So much fun! Lots and lots of bondage – starting with full plaster mummification as in the photo below the cut. This is not bondage for the uncertain 😉 it takes quite some time to get in – and quite some time to get out again! Very Fun however if the sub enjoys total enclosure and extended immobility. The rest of the time inlcuded lots and lots of good things – particularly full rubber encasement (as in the other pic) – happiness!

In scheduling news I have a friend visiting me from overseas at the moment – so I have limited session availability – particularly I’m not doing longer sessions. I’ll be out of Sydney enjoying the summer sunshine down the coast for a few days next week too – so unavailable from the 11th to the 15th.

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