Happy New Year!

by | Jan 1, 2009

I had a fairly quiet one at home with friends drinking champagne and chatting… a change from being out at a big party and *much* better than battling the PPPP brigade one finds around the city! PPPP = Poxy Povo Pisshead Peasants. Not at all PC but you know exactly what I mean!

Anyway – just a quick moment to say thank you to everyone who helped make 08 fabulous – particularly my wonderful True Believer Team of sk_ott, newbotb and kellilasub. Your hard work and generosity has been so appreciated… in particular I wanted to thank skott for his unfailing devotion and selflessness – he is an example of what every Mistress hopes for in a slave and I’m honored that he’s given me his loyalty and service this last year.

To mistress_jadis thank you for being a student, a colleague and a friend… I think you deserve a medal for surviving your apprenticeship with Captain Cranky – but at least I never violated your drinks! 😉 You’ve learned so much – on a skill level but also more on learing who you are as a Mistress – how to combine dominance and caring – which is so very important to me…

To Mistress Serena for always being so perfect and beautiful and for all our years of friendship – I miss you – come back – Carisbrook awaits!

To Mistress Wynter for being my other best Mistress friend (why are they always blonde) and for making me feel like a New Yorker whenever I’m staying with you… it must be the 4am bedtimes and the Murray’s bagels 😉

To my very patient family and my fantatic friends – in Australia and the US – for putting up with me being a diva at times, taking care of me, and buying me drinks when needed!

To my Sifu and my martial arts team/family – for giving me humility and confidence in equal measure.

and finally to all the amazing submissives who’ve put their bodies and their minds under my control for an hour or two (or twelve – hehe) during the past year. Thank you for letting me live such a blessed life, thank you for all the pain you’ve suffered, for all the smiles you’ve put on my face… but particularly for the vulnerability, trust and honesty you’ve given me this year.