by | Jan 24, 2009


And I usually like hot weather…

Last night I’d had enough – I decamped sometime after midnight and ran off to Carisbrook which was still nice and cool from having the aircon on for sessions… the sofa bed isn’t a patch for comfy on my lovely solid wooden sleigh bed – but the comfortable temperature made up for that!


I even had to turn the aircon off in the night because I was a bit cold!

For all the non-aussies on my f-list it’s been over 90 degrees F here every day for umm – can I say all year? Ages anyway.

I’ve had lots of fun sessions since I came back from holidays (where the hot weather is actually quite nice if all you have to do is go to the beach and lounge around drinking cold beer)…

My rubberslave who I’ve been seeing for ooh – maybe 7 years – came in on thursday night. Even with the aircon we decided that his usual garb of catsuit, gloves, multiple hoods and thigh high rubber boots might be asking a bit much for four hours of restrictive bondage so it was boots and hood only. Session was so fun as always – with a few new elements thrown in – I love that we’ve been playing for so long and still have plenty of new things to try out.

Other goodness has involved several slut-slaves being violated 😉 and taking someone through a trial of courage – I think the phrase "be careful what you ask for, you might get it" may have been coined with someone like me in mind!

Implacable – unable to be placated; relentless, unstoppable

Current plan: to flee the hot computer and return to the nice airconditioned dungeon…
Currently reading: umm – I have a few things around – just finished Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby and also an entertaining but totally devoid of literary merit book by Mercedes Lackey…. I have to hunt down some of the books I bought on holidays – as I kept finding random things in junk shops…