We’re back!

by | Jan 19, 2009

In a strange scheduling error both Ms Jadis and myself were away for a couple of weeks 😉 I hope people weren’t too tormented not being tormented as it were – giggles

This is us at a recent Hellfire (even if last year) – go the rubber – though both of us have new shiny to show off! I saw MsJ’s today when I caught up with her before her first session back… ooh and she had new lingerie from AP as well lucky thing!

My summer holiday was fantastic – soooo relaxing… I had a good time showing my friend from the states around – we went down the coast for a few days and were blessed with very fabulous weather – sunshine and beaches – nothing at all to complain about!

This is me heading down to the beach – squashed hat and all 😉

So apologies if you couldn’t get in touch while I was away – but really – I’m sure you can see why!

I have to say – that even though Mistress_Jadis was somewhere more glamorous – I’m pretty happy to have stayed at home in the warm! 😀