by | Feb 17, 2009

So – I’ve had a fair bit on recently – lots of good fun sessions – a fabulous photo shoot… and planning my holiday to Japan (from 11 March). I still haven’t decided to head North or South (from Tokyo) one thing for sure there will be Onsen goodness because I am an Onsen Addict! Perferably in a natural environment… yummmm – total relaxation!

Interestingly I’ve had quite a few foot fetish sessions recently – which is always very good fun because I am (as fd-midori would say) a Foot Hedonist 😉 I particularly love showing off my extensive sexy shoe and boot collection to interest parties. Oh noes – what a shame – having to try on a whole lot of different shoes and have my feet pampered.

Some Very Intense humiliation recently also – which I find a bit of a guilty pleasure… I’m not quite sure why – I can bullwhip or cane someone very severely and never feel a moment’s umm – misplaced compassion, but I do sometimes feel sorry for my poor humiliation subs – though that of course is what they are asking for! It’s not something I spring on the unsuspecting, but always so creative and so fun (well for me at least)…

Oooh – and in where is Bill news… he’s moved!

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