a proper update…

by | Feb 2, 2009

Rather than some youtube videos 🙂

I’ve been quite busy recently – including a 17 hour session recently! I know those sorts of extended sessions seem incredibly daunting – but it’s not “all suffering all the time” 😉 – I’ve been seeing this particular sub since my Salon Kitty’s days – and we have a fabulous connection… a lot of what we do in those super long sessions is restrictive bondage – which is such a great thing about the time – it means there’s no rush or pressure to experience everything in a limited amount of time – we can spend plenty of time on whatever I feel like 😉

Other sessions have included spending some amazing time with my slave sk_ott – 🙂 lots of pain, lots of invasion, lots of torment!

I also played rubber dressups with a sub who’s mostly just interested in the fashion parade – which is great fun… I put him in various rubber outfits (including catsuit, chaps, hoods, gloves, inflatable, mini-dress etc) – and took some photos of him all decked out with his own digital camera. He also took a couple of photos of me in my newest catsuit! I hope he sends them across as I think I like this new one 😉

Is a halterneck style suit from Skin Two – nice quality and again I seem to be a standard Medium sized woman 😉 who knew!

I know I’ve been promising updates to my poor website for ages – but I’ve pretty much finalised my copy and am having a meeting with my designer tomorrow – yay! A very cool photo shoot is coming up also over the weekend – I’m quite excited about this as it will be a chance to really do something a little artistic in Carisbrook.

Exciting video news to come also – but I have to lock that one down before I say too much 😉