for Goddess Thain

by | Mar 7, 2009

so I wish that everyday was photoshoot day and I had my makeup artist come over and make me look all shiney…. part of course is that she’s hella cool in a fabulous “I was an old-school-model” way… and she’s my friend… also – dude – eyelashes!!!

sadly – very few days are shoot days… so usually it’s my own version of me without the killer lashes (though Laura says yes to my makeup).

Today – I did have MUA – happiness…..

and here is a pic – not a perfect one – cause she left the set many hours ago – but goddess-thain wanted a photo or two of this hat.

sigh – just washed off the glamour – apparently I can reuse my lashes – but that would involve more clever than I currently have especially now… I nominate miss charlotte for the lash-saving exercise next time. She can take them off and cleanse my face and everything – even massage my feet – nods – yes…. I approve of this plan! Hope charlotte does too!!! 😉


In other news – who knew there could be so many hairpins in such a small updo… please can it be sleepy time now…….