Home again…

by | Mar 21, 2009

I love Japan – but it’s so good to be home… yay – I’ll be staying put for a while now – next scheduled trip isn’t till July – though that should be really fun because I’m going to be doing videos and sessions with Irene Boss!

Speaking of sessions – I haven’t played for aaaggesss – so who knows what will happen tomorrow 😉 I must say I’m really looking forward to playing. Not sure what I’ll be in the mood for, but then with these sorts of sessions it’s always just me having fun and slave following my lead 🙂 but then I *am* dominant so that is really the whole idea.

Anyways – will be playing with twitter a bit more, now I’m home I’ll set up an app on the crackberry. So tell me – do you find tweets annoying when they’re fed to lj? My personal feeling is that it’s a different sort of communication – so not so well suited to here… but then maybe best to keep all my randomness consolidated here… so – what do people think?