by | Apr 4, 2009

wow – so there’s been heaps going on… it looks like I’ve been carried away with only twittering – sorry!

I thought I’d write a proper post – well a little one anyway – I’m just about to run out the door to my Kung Fu class. I’ve had too long a break with one thing and another, I haven’t been training consistently for a while. But the date of the next grading has been announced so I’m determined to grade this time! Lucky for me it’s not for a couple of months 😉

I’m going to use that pic in my website update in the section on “Cruel and Unusual” – hehe – cause while I know a lot of ladies who put beat-down as an interest – I don’t know many who can actually kick like that 😉

well – I’m not going to be too impressive today I fear – too long a break – eek