by | Apr 7, 2009

So – as might have been hinted at in my tweets lots has been going on lately. Some fabulous and fun and some not so much 😉

I’ve finally dragged myself back to training – sifu is being patient with me but really a bit too long a break. I don’t know if I metioned this before, but I had an ultrasound and xray on my shoulder a while ago and it came back all clear as far as structural damage goes. So that was Very Good News – I’m still having occasional problems, though not nearly as much as before. I’m keeping my eye out for an old bathtub at the moment – I don’t have the space in my home bathroom to put in a bath, but I think I’ll have a little personal onsen outside! Set up a bathtub in my garden and lounge in the hot water there… no snow like I had in rural kyoto recently… but still – will be better than no bath!

SO much goodness in sessions recently – a couple of short sharp shocks 😉 naughty boys turned over my knee and then given a good dose of the strap – ooh and my recently re-discovered Lochgelly tawse was used across the palms in traditional Scottish fashion. I do so love tradition!

Speaking of which my schoolroom has had a fabulous update! After years of fruitless searching at auctions and junk stores newbotb has found me a portrait of the Queen! Not just any picture of Her Maj – but the offical portrait for Australia – the one in the yellow dress that hung I think in every Australian school – and probably still does, well – at least at the school I went to 😉 She’s been safely ensonced in my classroom, hanging next to the blackboard to keep an eye on any of the naughty (adult) boys and girls.

I got such great compliments on my schoolroom from the producers of DDI when they were here shooting the video last month – apparently it was the best they’ve seen on several continents 😉 …blushing with pride… I guess there’s not so many ladies who love scholastic discipline as much as I do!

Oh – and the Carisbrook bear has moved again – as I mentioned in a tweet… he seems to be making his way into the gaol cell!

Session this afternoon was good fun – I was a litle unsure at first because it was focussed around that nebulous (to me) concept of “Tease and Denial” however on discussion it seemed like he was on the same page as me (sometimes it can seem a bit like dancing around like a peepshow girl which is not so much my thing) but it was more lots of lovely bondage, cbt and other good things.

I even made a convert to Nipple Torture – which is such a good thing on account of how I love it! My sub had said he had sensitive nipples and didn’t like clamps – well – that’s okay – I have a lot more different sorts of nipple play than just wacking on some clovers…

here is a rather blurry pic from my phone in the session … note glove-mageddon on the floor – hehe – I really need shares in Ansell! As there was a fetish glamour focus (hehe – all my style of tease and denial) – I got to change half way during session – first was leather, then was latex – with appropriate hats of course!