Unknown number…

by | Apr 23, 2009

Like most other independent ProDommes – I don’t usually take calls from private numbers; when my phone rings and it comes up with “Unknown number”.

For a long time I did – because I had quite a few subs who did ring me from unknown numbers and I didn’t want them to miss out… but sadly over time the standard of callers from these numbers has changed! And more and more it’s become industry standard not to answer these calls. I still do occasionally – but usually just to tell people to call me back with an unblocked number!

So – if you’re ringing me and I’m not answering – that might be the reason! A lot of landlines seem to have Calling Number Display blocked automatically, so if this is the case you can either get it unblocked by your provider (Telstra or Optus) or if you can dial 1832 before you dial my number – it will unblock the own number sending for that call only.

Please be aware that I’m not going to use your number in any way unless you give me permission… it’s just a good way to sort the sheep from the goats. I value my reputation too highly to endanger anyone’s privacy!

okay – end rant 😉

edited for more ranty goodness….

I was so tempted to activate a “time of day greeting” to say “Hi this is Mistress Servalan, why are you ringing me at stupid o’clock in the morning! Put down the beer, get a big glass of water and go to bed… if you’re still curious ring me back at a decent hour”