by | May 2, 2009

so I haven’t been very good with lj in the last while – though as people would see there has been plenty of twitter!

Mostly because I had horrible bandwidth problems with optus and so was trying not to go online too much… but I can tweet from the crackberry. And so a zillion very short updates with a few words about what I’m doing in the moment. Which is quite an enticing form of communcication at the moment, taking a few seconds in the middle of an extended session to gloat 😉

Which I’ve had quite a few of recently!

It’s been very fun having time to really engage and focus… luxuriate in watching someone squirm slightly in their bondage (whatever slight squirm room they have!)

Interesting too how I get a craze on a particular thing for a while – most recently it’s been the posture collar. I’ve had it all along but sometimes forget it for a few months… as is often the case.

I used it again this afternoon in a full transformation, dress-up session… four outfits which is so fun. From an innocent schoolgirl taken to the school room and questioned on “her” knowledge (hehe I made her write chemistry on the blackboard), then she needed feminine deportment with ballet lessons in the beautiful full tutu (not the cute petticoat version but the huuge white one), the a hula dance because ballet wasn’t working so well, and finally dressed in a slutty fetish outfit, all corset, fishnets and boots… then into the posture collar and armbinders for that totally classic “Eric Stanton” look. I’m so into that at the moment! Plus the hilarity of the Hitachi causing a little mess in the lacy panties 😉

I’ll have to find an illustration of the sort of look I’m talking about… anyone have an idea? It’s the classic fetish girl, armbinder, posture collar, ball gag and bondage. So helpless 😉

In other news – I have some good news about a Mistress friend visiting from the states in a couple of weeks! I’m so excited to be able to show her around Carisbrook. It has the “wow” factor which makes me really happy – when new people walk in and just stand there gaping for a minute or so. Hehehe – I’m so gloaty proud of my dungeon 😀