by | May 9, 2009

  • 13:59 Worked like a dog at morning kung fu, now I’m treating myself to a shopping expidition with Ms Serena! #
  • 15:47 Yay – I’ve achieved a lot of new Mac makeup 🙂 most of which is for my cross dressers actually! Now for a glass of sparkling… #
  • 15:48 Giggle – shopping and champagne is a perfect balance to this morning’s rice cakes and bag work! And I even bought some cupcakes for later 😉 #
  • 22:56 Cupcake – nom nom nom… Now for some herbal tea, not really a party domme lifestyle, but with sessions and martial arts I’m too busy! #
  • 22:59 @MistressWynter my IM that I never use much anyway is kaput… So if you’ve been looking for me there that’s why. But yes, come to visit! #