by | May 16, 2009

Well Ms Simone is even cooler than I was expecting! She arrived Thursday morning, I spoke to her that evening to plan out our Friday which was quite a big day 🙂

Ms Jadis met me at Carisbrook first thing (for me) in the morning and we picked up Ms Simone at Central Station (she’s staying in town and it would just be crazy trying to drive around there at 9am) and headed off in beautiful sunshine to the Cruising Yacht Club at Rushcutters Bay. One of my subs is a yachtie and had promised to take me and some friends out sailing some time – and I called in the favour for a Domme’s Day out!

Mistress Serena joined us as well – and we had an amazing couple of hours together sailing on a beautiful 45′ yacht… thanks so much to M for organising! You’re a champion 😀

All that sea air seemed to work up an appetite – but before heading into Newtown for a snack we dropped into the very enticing ships chandlery and check out the rope. That was then I knew Ms Simone would be Very Fun to play with as we just had the same giggly excited reaction in there 😉 I picked up some lovely new rope in a few different thicknesses…. yay.

After lunch in Newtown and a quick visit to check out the fabulous MaXXX Black then off to Carisbrook 🙂 I love showing off my dungeon and my toys – it’s so fun…

Then the real high point! Getting to do a fabulous Double Domme session together… I love playing with other Mistresses – particularly someone with as much experience as Mistress Simone. She’s similar to me in a way because she’s playful and fun as well as being particularly sadistic.

OMG – so much fun!

I took some photos – so I’ll have to get them off the camera and post some here – she has such a delicious evil glint in her eyes 😉

I know she was planning on heading to Hellfire afterwards – I have a Martial Arts grading coming up in a few weeks though so no staying up late on a Friday night before Saturday morning training!

I hope we get a chance to play again when she’s on her way back through Sydney after her trip up North… I had a hopeful sub messaging me today about a double – but unfortunately not enough notice!