by | May 26, 2009

Watching Victorian Farm (a reality tv show where people live on a farm the same as in the Victoraian Era) makes me feel a little sad…

Not that I would like to have been a Victorian farm wife – I would have been a boring middle class lady like my family I suspect – doing embroidery and gossiping 😉 But because the difference between the way agribusinesses today treat animals (in particular) as opposed to the way humans and animals traditionally interact.

Like the pigs – now I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years – so I personally don’t need to feel too guilty… but while they might just now be boiling up a pig’s head – you should have seen that happy animal running around the barn yard previously. How it was treated with respect and care as a living creature – if not as a pet. A total and complete contrast to the way the poor pigs in Tasmania who have been in the ABC news recently – living in conditions of absoloute torture and torment… pregnant sows unable to even turn around in their tiny pens, maggots breeding in an infected pig’s shoulder – all sold in Woolworth’s by the way. Unlike “Princess” on the show who trots around pregnant and has 9 healthy piglets and is quite spoilt… sure – she and her babies may get eaten – but at least they didn’t get tortured to death first.

Maybe it’s easy to write this all off as some sort of vegetarian soap box rant.

But really – take a minute to think about your ethics – you don’t need to be a vegetarian – but think about how comfortable you are with non-consensual torture… is it worth a few more dollars to buy free range or organic meat?

end rant