by | May 28, 2009

So – another proper(ish) update – rather than just the random tweets…

I’ve been crazy busy lately – I was very happy to get some time to hang out with Ms Simone again just before she headed back to the States. We went out for some tasty thai of the sort that makes Newtown such an easy dinner destination and then when I found out that they hadn’t been over to the Eastern suburbs at all I drove over to Bronte beach and then a quick visit to Waverly cemetery. Sadly it was an overcast night – but still a nice diversion. Hopefully she’ll be back in the summertime and we’ll get a chance to play again and I can play tour-guide. It’s so great getting to be on the giving end of the hospitality a little, as I’ve met so many fantastic ladies on my trips to the US but not many come over here to visit!

Sometimes the life of an independent domme can be lonely when it comes to colleagues – obviously I have my slaves and subs to chat to – but colleagues are a bit different. Hehe – that’s a part of the reason why I wanted to take on an apprentice – ooh – almost two years ago now! waves to mistress-jadis. But it’s always so good to meet someone who’s even *more* experienced than I am – and who has their own perspective on Professional Domination.

Speaking of colleagues I saw the fabulous missfleurdelys today and she donated some of her surplus make-up to my c/d supply… Ha – though I did pilfer a couple of cute Sephora lip-glosses out of the bag before it made it upstairs to the dresser on the North Floor 😉 though I swear those “girls” have more than me now after my MAC store trip the other day! I’m not completely sold on the MAC foundation over the Kryolan I’ve been using – but they do blend really well to get just the right shade. I used some the other day on a new (to me) sub for a full transformation session – love love love the new MAC blushes I bought though… Which was the way the whole shopping trip went that day – one for me, two for the “girls”.

Full transformation is so much fun – or partial for that matter – I love seeing just how different someone looks with makeup, wig and just the right outfit.

and of course I don’t charge any more for c/d than for any other play – $250 for an hour, $400 for two hours…

which is one of the things I was chatting about with Ms Simone – pricing and how it works here in Sydney. We’re unique here in that the houses tend to be more expensive than the Independent Ladies – the reverse is true in NYC and Chicago! I was trying to explain the whole “price on content” thing that happens – and it’s interesting to see how confusing it seems… which is what I’ve always thought, even in the days when I worked at a house.

I’d always just charged a flat rate since I’ve been independent – sure some sessions make more clean up, or a few consumables maybe a little more expensive – but not so much that it’s crazy – worst really is plaster bandages for plaster mummification! Hehe – oh and all those rolls of gaffer tape I seem to chomp through 😉

But I guess at the end of the day every Mistress makes her own choices as to what she wants to do and not do… which is what makes us dominant – and different!