Fabulous Visiting Mistress – May 15-16 and May 25-26

by | May 3, 2009

So my friend Mistress Simone is going to be visiting from Chicago in a couple of weeks! I’m very excited to finally be able to show off Carisbrook – after boring everyone with all my tales 😉 Mistress Simone is another one of us “Gen-X” dommes – VERY experienced (15 years + professional) with particular interests in CP, bondage and medical play. While I don’t have a ‘kinky klinic” I certainly have all the needles and sounds her heart could desire!

Anyway – she’s here for an aussie holiday – so is only available for sessions on four days between tropical FNQ fun! We’re crazy keen to play together – so double domme sessions are more than welcome 🙂

I was telling her that Australia doesn’t have the same “visting Mistress” culture that the US has – but I’m happy to be proven wrong 😉 and I’m always super busy when I’m over there!

Anyway – there are only a few times available over the four days… she needs time to hang out with me, Mistress Serena and mistress-jadis and some of the other Sydney perverati 😀 I’m thinking a champagne harbour cruise is the go!

You can contact her via her website via her website or if you’re interested in a double then contact me in the usual manner 😉