by | Jun 2, 2009

I’m in a weird mood this afternoon… I had some vague plans but instead I’m hibernating near the warm and playing around on the interwebs. Random games and things – not even keeping up with the forums or replying to people I owe communications.

Oh well

mistress_jadis is back tomorrow! I’m so looking forward to catching up and hearing her travellers tales – she was in LA and Las Vegas, both cities which I visited on my first trip to the states a few years ago now. I wonder if she found some new boots?

ooh – the new Basement Jaxx song “Raindrops” isn’t on itunes yet – how strange… I keep hearing it on the radio and loving it

What else – not much to report really – My Martial Arts training camp last weekend was good – lots of crazy hard work but that’s kinda the whole point! I have a grading in two weeks (eek) so have been knuckling down and training hard. My shoulder seems to be holding out well (fingers crossed)…

Oh – and in where’s bill news he’s moved! I’ll have to get a photo of him in his new home 🙂