by | Jun 6, 2009

Very strange… my voicemail isn’t working at all. Not that I actually listen to messages 😉 but I do let people know that – and explain how to unblock their phone to call me (simple – dial 1832)

So – if anyone is wondering, both mistress_jadis and myself are around over the long weekend.

In other news – I just got a manicure and pedicure today after Kung Fu training this morning – I love having shiny freshly painted nails 🙂

Colour is Chanel Orient – which I picked mainly because it was in the bottom of my bag 😉 plus I haven’t used it for ages. Not sure if I should show the bottom of my feet – but in the interests of full disclosure – I’ve been training super hard for my next Kung Fu grading on Tuesday week, so while my pedi is nice, there are a fair few calluses on the bottom! If I smooth them off my feet have no protection at training…