by | Jun 14, 2009

New toys have been super fun so far… though I really haven’t dug too deep into my bag o’ goodness!

First out have been the new sordid silicone items for my strap-on – both the large and the smaller have proven *very* sucessful in a few separate trials over the last few days 😉 as has one of the two gasmasks… I do so love the total heavy rubber enclosure of the black one.

It’s very fun stretching out the process of unpacking and enjoying all the new things!

Sessions over the weekend were fantastic – even if I did miss a tournament this weekend to play 😉

In other shopping news I really need to drop in on my good friends at MaXXX Black sometime this week – I seem to be running low on lube… Both the water-based type I use for ummm – I’m sure you can guess – and the silicone type I use for sliding into my rubber outfits!

I go through phases with what I like to wear in session – and most recently it’s been the Skin Two halter neck catsuit with stompy buckled boots… I’m not bored of that yet but I wonder what will catch my fancy next!