by | Jun 19, 2009

Lots going on the last few days – even with the cold there’s always one way to warm up… certain parts of the anatomy at least 😉

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently playing in my schoolroom – as seen in rather dark pic from my mobile phone the other night…

Obviously this is ideal for traditional Scholastic Discipline – but it’s also been used as a starting point for other sorts of sessions also. Most recently someone was sent with a letter to the Carisbrook Clinic of Correction… he did squirm delightfully in the small school chair while listening to me read out the letter listing his infractions and then sentence him to punishment.

He was then taken into the main dungeon for his punishment and shown the implements with which I was to carry out the sentence. For that level of punishment the strap and the medium level cane were to be used… but I also showed him many of my other implements. I have rather a United Nations of nasty implements! From the New Zealand jade paddle (or more properly mere), to the English Dragon Cane, South African Sjambok, Australian Roo-hide Bullwhip and Malaysian Prison Cane… all I need to complete my collection is a traditional US Fraternity Paddle!

Anyway – they certainly all looked extremely intimidating all hung up for display on the chain web… The miscreant took his punishment very well – so I’m hopeful he won’t require more severe treatment any time soon!

Another occasion I had a sissy in for Sissy School – seated again at the little desk and waiting to be taken upstairs… “she” was provided with a variety of reading material – literature which would enhance her mind, ballet manual which would enhance her grace – and a salacious book of fetish photography which it seemed would only enhance her sluttish ways!

No prizes for guessing which was being perused *very* eagerly when I returned!

Hehehe – lucky I have a soft spot for slutty sissies… especially in tight shiny rubber, corsets and skyscraper heels!

Plus I just love love love the classic fetish look of posture collar, arm binders and ball gag. Smoking hot 😀