by | Jun 24, 2009

Well I’m finally almost all better from my cold. I spent the weekend in bed with fluffy pyjamas instead of in the dungeon in shiny rubber… but I’m determined not to spend as much time sick this year as I did last year!

Just a cold thankfully, and I was feeling better on Monday and went and had a TCM (traditional chinese medicine) consultation – I now have some very strange items I have to boil up – hopefully it’s all vegetarian. Last year TCM finally stopped the endless round of colds and flus I had – so I’m getting in early this flu season!

Yesterday was my first day back in the dungeon – and I was *very* happy to be back in the shiny once more (my Vex uniform dress in fact). Session was very fun – someone new to me but certainly not to playing… he was lucky enough to have had his very first session with Mistress Amanda over 20 years ago!

It was one of those sessions that prove that you don’t have to be severe to be intense – lots of parading around on a leash (attached in various places – hehe) and some delicious violation 😀

anyway – off for a different sort of treatment entirely – and running some errands…