July Travel dates

by | Jun 9, 2009

Yay – was just on the phone with the fabulous Mistress Wynter doing some plotting about my trip to New York in a few weeks! Wheeee – getting excited now 🙂

It’s another one of my bicoastal jaunts – but this time I’m adding in another state when I get to go visit Irene Boss in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Though I suspect I won’t be doing any sightseeing apart from The Compound 😉 But I’m generally more excited about dungeons than tourist stuff anyway. Hehehe – apparently I’m already starting to book out so any US subs intersted in seeing me there should get in touch with Irene! She’s someone I’ve admired for many years – so it will be great fun to get to play together…

I’m leaving Sydney on Friday 10th July and arrive back 3rd of August – what a shame having to miss out on some winter – I’d always rather have Wynter 😉

Pittsburgh – July 16th – 20th
New York – July 20th – 24th
San Francisco – July 25th – 31st

The first few days of my trip I’m in the Bay area and Santa Cruz but will going to a wedding (yay) and generally just doing personal stuff 😉

I have to say I’m really looking forward to the warm! Though it’s sort of hard to think about what to pack when you’re looking at summer dresses while wrapped up in woolies!